Tim Kirby's Research

During July 2016 I was contacted by an amateur researcher, Tim Kirby, based in New Zealand. I am delighted to have had many interesting and very informative email exchanges with Tim since then.

Tim came across my website a few years ago and was entertained by Harry's story. He recently began to investigate the story and after finding some old newspaper articles about Harry he contacted me and our email exchanges began. Tim's investigation has been extremely extensive and thorough, going far beyond a casual interest. He started by researching newspaper archive sites in New Zealand and Australia, (countries which were supposed to be on Harry's itinerary) before extending the search area to UK and Canada.

He painstakingly itemised all the articles he found in a large spreadsheet which he sent me, signalling the end of the first stage of his research. The next stage involved making this information readily available to the general public. The nature of the information lent itself to being presented in map form, so Tim put together a Google Map that traced the path that Harry took, using confirmed sightings, and linked the corresponding newspaper articles to the map. The result is an amazing, dynamic map with the routes, dates, sightings, articles and more. He kindly gave me permission to publish a link to his map when this website was updated on 1st January 2017, exactly 109 years after Harry started his journey. So please click on the image of the map below to be taken to Tim's map charting Harry's known journey across the southern counties of England and Wales.

Tim Kirby Map

I'm sure you will be astounded as I am with the amount of detail, research and attached articles that Tim has included on his map. I cannot thank him enough for the time and effort he has put into this research and building this wonderful map. I suggest you zoom in on London and start your journey of discovery. The yellow carts show locations that Harry passed through with dates and accompanying newspaper (or other) articles describing Harry's visit to that location. You can follow Harry's route along the red path that Tim has meticulously hand coded onto the Map. (Google Map's API doesn't have the capacity to hold the full route automatically, so Tim had to draw the whole route onto the map by hand!).

Tim is continuing to update the map with new information he comes across (as more newspapers are digitized), so keep popping back from time to time to his map to see what new information he has located and publicised.