Further information

Please note that I am unable to take on any new dogs, as my regular customers completly fill my booking slots. This page supplies information for existing customers and also for people interested in assisting us by taking in dogs themselves, to see the type of the facilities that we can provide.

Further information is for exisiting customers only

We will try and cater for most dogs as we are able, but here is a list of conditions that have to be met in most cases before we can consider boarding your dog:

  • We only take in dogs that are normally housed in your own home and behave appropriately. We don't usually board dogs that are normally kept outside or have a bad temperament,
  • We normally only take small to medium sized dogs. We cannot accommodate large breeds in our house except in exceptional circumstances and where the dog is very gentle in nature,
  • Your dog must be properly "house trained",
  • We require your dog to already be spayed/neutered,
  • We often look after more than one dog at a time, so your dog will have to behave in the company of other dogs,
  • If your dog is unable to be kept with other dogs, we may have to charge extra for individual boarding where we have to refuse other dogs.

When dropping off your pet, here is a list of things to remember to bring along with your dog:

  • Contact details for yourself,
  • A supply of his/her normal foods,
  • Favourite toys and other items,
  • Bed and bedding, if required,
  • Collar & lead,
  • List of his/her normal daily routine (walking, feeding etc.),
  • Any medication required and instructions for use,
  • Contact details for your own vet,
  • If going away yourself, a local person we can contact is appreciated.