Tuesday 7th November 2000

Extract of a note from Tahir Shah (author and researcher)

Harry Bensley comes up again and again in 1904. Unfortunately, it's in the criminal pages. He comes up for fraud, bigamy, and for pretending to being the son of a nobeleman from Thetford... most of it is attached to a criminal trial, which culminated in Bensley being sentenced to 4 years from 'penal servitude' on 16th November 1904. His last words were "Thank you My Lord, I deserve it"!

The main references for that year are:


  • 20 SEPT 1904 P10 COL. F
  • 27 SEPT 1904 P13 COL. C
  • 04 OCT 1904 P10 COL. E
  • 11 OCT 1904 P13 COL C
  • 25 OCT 1904 P13 COL C
  • 17 NOV 1904 P12 COL F