I'm occasionally contacted by people asking if Harry was in a particular place at a particular time. I would love to be able to confirm or deny all such requests, but we have very little in the way of documented evidence of the route taken or his location at any particular point in time.

So I have decided to include a list of sightings that we have discovered or been told about. Few can be positively confirmed, but they are here as a guide for anyone interested.

1st January 1908 Trafalgar Square, London
Start of journey
Various, including
The Times Newspaper
Week leading up to 15th February Brighton, West SussexPostcard supplied by Linda CulmGood
Before 18th April Weymouth, Dorset Postcard supplied by Eddie ProwsePoor [1]
27th April 1908 Bridgwater, Summerset
(But links nicely with the Weymouth sighting previously)
Postcard supplied by Marcus YoungGood
Probably Early March [2] Newmarket racecourse, Suffolk Various, including Readers Digest of Interesting facts Approx [2]
21st May Woking, SurryPostcard supplied by Linda CulmGood
22nd September Woburn Sands, Buckinghamshire Postcard supplied by IanGood
T.B.A. I'm hoping to hear from Alan about another possible sighting. He is selling a postcard on eBay with some information on the reverse. I'd love to bid for it myself, but I'm not in a position to do so at the moment. Alan of Sagging Shelves T.B.C.
13th June 1908 Ipswich Book: "A Grim Almanac of Suffolk" pg 79Good

[1] The postcard was dated 18th April, but had already been "Made up" from the photograph and turned into a postcard. This must have happened before the postcard was sent and dated.

[2] Harry met King Edward VII at the Newmarket race meeting, which is normally held in early May, though not always. I have found a paper article (The Camperdown Chronicle) describing a 1908 meeting dated 3rd March 1908, so it is likely to have happened a day or two previous to the article being published. The article made no mention of the King attending.

Tim Kirby

For many more sightings, see the Tim Kirby page for a link to his dynamic map full of confirmed sightings with dates and related articles.

If you are able to supply any more information, then please get in touch with me, and I will be happy to include your sighting on this page and give you credit for the information, of course.