Come and meet us

Ken McNaught

"Hi", I'm Ken and this is a photograph of me on holiday in June 2006. With my lovely wife, Diane, we live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I worked as an I.T. Specialist on mainframe computers for Asda stores (15 years) then IBM (7 years). By 2010 I was ready for a change and moved into the world of contracting, as an I.T. Specialist. During a five month period between contracts, I did some professional web design work for a local company. But I soon returned to mainframe contracting work and have been working for a great agency, RSM, since 2012 working at various companies around the UK, mostly in mainframe security positions.

I My interests include web site building, stunt kite flying, a bit of photography, listening to music and playing a game or two of badminton when I get a chance. I used to be a percussionist for a great brass band called Knottingley Concert Brass, for who I continue to maintain their web site despite having to leave the band in 2012 due to contracting commitments.

Along with my mother, we are researching an ancestor of ours who attempted to walk around the world without being identified, as part of a bet. Harry Bensley was his name, and his interesting story can be followed starting from the links on this site.

Diane McNaught

I'm Diane and this is also a photograph of me on holiday in June 2006. I had worked for a large international bank for 38 years, ending up as a project manager and respected subject matter expert, before I retired in 2014. For recreation I like to do things like cooking, reading, listening to music and spending time with Ken. I'm the youngest of five sisters and I have been married to Ken since December 2005.