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In here you will find out a little about some of our interests that we think may be of interest to you, our visitors. Your comments are always welcome.

Come and meet Ken and Diane

Some information about Ken and Diane including some photographs.

Bowmen of Leeds

In January 2011 Ken took the Archery Beginners' Course with Bowmen of Leeds archery club and has been shooting archery up to twice a week since. He is involved with the running of the club at all levels, organising courses and Have-a-Go events as well as being their chairman for a few years. Ken continues to maintain their website.

Targeting Archery

In 2015 Ken joined an archery friend and set-up their own archery coaching business called Targeting Archery which supported people with improving their archery skills and also provided somewhere for local people to shoot archery at a social level. This became a success and in 2017 the regulars wanted somewhere more formal to shoot archery and so Ken and Karen started up their own archery club called Targeting Archery Club which continues to be successful to this day. Ken created and maintains websites for both the business and the club.

Knottingley Concert Brass

Ken was involved with the Knottingley Concert Brass brass band, based in Knottingley (near Castleford) West Yorkshire. He remains the WebMaster for the band despite having to leave in 2012 due to contracting commitments. The site is large and was kept up to date for a number of years, though in recent times the band has not sent through as many update requests. Coming out of COVID Ken hopes to improve updates again. It is full of information about the band, concerts past & future and contains many photographs.

The Harry Bensley Story

Whilst dipping into his family tree, Ken discovered a very interesting person in his ancestry who had an unusual story. If you are interested to know more about Harry Bensley, "The OTHER man in the iron mask"! who attempted to walk around the world without being identified, then follow the links to his site.

Pelham Puppet Animated Display Unit

In the summer of 2006, Diane purchased an unusual item. This is an old automated puppet display unit which was made back in the sixties by Bob Pelham for the 1965 Christmas window display of the Selfridges store in London. A little of its history and the story of our own restoration of the unit can be followed on the Pelham Puppet Animated Display Unit pages.

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