Can you help?

My Mother has collected lot of documentation about Harry's attempt to prove the wager, and some about the man himself. But we have, very annoyingly, very little information about walk itself. Such a long journey under such unusual circumstances must have produced many interesting stories, that we would love to find out about and share with everyone else on these pages. My Mother has also been in contact with some of Harry's other surviving relatives, and also with various people who have investigated Harry's story. These include a Mr. Chapman of Hull who wanted to write up the story several years ago, but could not find quite enough evidence for his piece (now there's a surprise), and Oliver Bone the curator of the Ancient House Museum, Thetford. But all this investigation has produced almost nothing new about Harry's adventure.

So if YOU know any more yourself, or where we can find more information on his adventure, get in touch with me. Should you want to know any more, then do the same. I'll be glad to chat. Thank you.